Basically, this type of coffee maker comprises a metal filter/cup placed on top of your cup. The process takes time, so you will need some patience. This method is perfect when used with the coffee grown on Vietnamese highlands: you will certainly feel the difference in flavor if you compare it with Columbian beans. Experts recommend brewing Vietnamese coffee into a cup a quarter full of sweetened condensed milk.

This device does not cost much, and you will not have to look hard where to buy it. A traditional Vietnamese drip coffee maker that does not have any plastic parts works almost the same as a single cup Melitta funnel, yet it helps to keep the beverage hot a bit longer.

How to make vietnamese coffee

Step 1

Traditionally, this type of brew is made with condensed milk. So, to begin with, put about 1/3 of an inch of condensed milk to the glass (just to cover the bottom). Later, you may add more condensed milk to taste (up to 1/4 of the glass). However, some people do not like adding condensed milk. If you are one of them, just skip this step.

Step 2

Remove the top screen of the filter and place three or three and a half rounded teaspoons of coffee in the device. Put the screen back and screw it. The taste changes depending on the grind level as well as how tight the filter is screwed, so you may experiment with these. As a rule of thumb, the screen should be snug, but not really tight. The tighter the screen is screwed, the longer the brewing process, but the stronger the coffee. And vice versa, if the screen is rather loose, the coffee may be weak and include sediment, but the wait time will be shorter.

how to use vietnamese coffee maker

Step 3

Put the device on the cup and fill it with hot water until it is about 1/4 full. Wait 20 seconds. If you notice that all the liquid has flown through, you will have to tighten the screen.

Step 4

Loosen the screen two turns and fill the filter with hot water. Make sure that the water drips, not flows through.

Step 5

Wait until the beverage stops dripping. As a rule, it takes about 5 minutes.

You may add ice to the drink (vietnamese iced coffee).