Oxo coffee maker troubleshooting

Any coffee maker can break down – a simple one or the most complex one with a variety of functions and additional programs for self-cleaning. The main causes of breakdowns are presented in the table below. Find your problem and get the repair instructions.

Coffee Maker stopped after 10 minutes of brewingIf the Coffee Maker is brewing for more than 10 minutes, the Coffee Maker will automatically go to sleep as a safety precaution. This will only happen if the silicone water bridge is not properly in place.
Water is leaking out of the water reservoirUnplug Coffee Maker, then ensure water resevoir is not filled past the “MAX” line and silicone water bridge is properly in place.
None of the lights are illuminatingTry plugging your Coffee Maker into a different outlet. If lights still do not illuminate, contact Customer Service.
OXO button light is on, but the coffee maker is not brewing1. Ensure carafe is properly in place on base.
2. Ensure there is water in the water reservoir.
3. May require descaling.
Brew basket is overflowingUnplug Coffee Maker.
1. Ensure only one paper filter is in place before brewing.
2. Check to make sure the drain hole of the brew basket is not blocked. If necessary, clean out with a soft-bristled brush.
3. Ensure carafe is properly in place on base.
4. Try using a medium grind; a coffee grind that is too fine can cause water build-up.
Does the brewer automatically “shut off” after a set period?The heating element shuts off once brewing is complete. The machine turns completely off after the freshness timer times out (60 min after brewing).
What to do if 1 want to brew less than 2 cups?In order to consistently make high quality coffee, the OXO On Coffee Maker does not allow brewing less than 2 cups.
Coffee tastes weak or bitter0X0 recommends using approximately 8 grams of ground coffee per cup (4.5 fl oz).
You can also adjust the fineness of the grinds. Keep in mind that too coarse grinds will generate weak coffee and too fine grinds will generate bitter coffee.
Brew cycle is taking more than 8 minutes to complete1. This could be due to a mineral deposit obstruction in the water tubes.
2. Make sure the silicone water bridge on top of middle channel in the reservoir is properly in place.
Coffee is brewing into carafe very slowly1. Ensure the carafe lid is engaging with the valve at the bottom of the brew basket.
2. Check for any obstruction in the brew basket drain hole.
Glass tube in water reservoir is cloudyThis is due to natural scale build-up.
The A icon is on but the Coffee Maker is still brewingThe Coffee Maker needs to be descaled.
Brew basket appears to be lowering during brew cycleSome components may flex slightly during brewing. This is a normally occurrence due to the heating and cooling of certain materials and in no way affects the performance, integrity or construction of the machine. All parts will return to their original shape when cooled.