The company Lavazza appeared in 1895 in Italy. Lavazza imports coffee from around the world. According to the results of marketing research, 80% of Italian consumer families choose Lavazza. Therefore, the company’s slogan is “Italy’s Favorite Coffee”.

Lavazza Logo

Lavazza does not mean branded stores only – the brand cooperates with popular coffeehouse chains – Starbucks and Caribou Coffee.

Today Lavazza offers dozens of varieties of natural coffee – varying degrees of roasting, variously blended, ground and in grains.

All these varieties differ significantly in taste and aroma.

  • Caffe-Espresso Pienaroma and OroQualita Oro is the most classic version of Italian coffee. Arabica grains medium roast from Brazil. Beans of this sort is distinguished by a soft honey-floral taste and a strong pleasant smell.
  • Pienaroma has a low level of caffeine, an unusual sour taste, and is well suited for cooking cappuccino and latte. It consists only of arabica grains.
  • Caffe Espresso Luxurious coffee from 100% arabica, collected on different continents – America and Africa. The grains for this expensive beverage are subjected to special roasting, thereby achieving a rich taste of authentic espresso.
  • Lavazza Club Classic Filtro iTierraiTierra A mixture of 100% American arabica has a deep taste and warm floral notes, with a thick foam and a thick consistency. The iTierra is ideal for the first half of the day.
  • Filtro Classic is created exclusively for drip appliances. It is a mixture of South American and African arabica with a floral aroma and a mild, spicy taste.
  • Lavazza Club Classic blend of 100% arabica. This beans is medium roast and has a soft taste. It is designed for cooking mocha in a geyser (mocha pot).
  • Coffee Gold Selection Gran Bella CremaBella Crema is a magnificent blend of Brazilian and American arabica. Coffee is prepared with a thick foam and caramel-vanilla flavor.
  • Espresso Gran – Indonesian arabica, suitable for cooking in the percolator and in the coffee machine. It is a thick and strong coffee with a slight taste of chocolate.
  • Gold Selection is one of the best blends of arabica. It has a bright aroma and a light creamy milk taste.
  • Crema Aroma, Super Gusto, Top Class LavazzaTop Class Lavazza. One of the most unusual blends with a chocolate flavor and a touch of toffee. 10% blend – Indonesian robusta, the rest – the best arabica (Brazil and Central America).
  • Super Gusto takes place of an organic coffee, grown in an environmentally clean area, without the use of chemical fertilizers.
  • Crema Aroma is used for making drinks with the addition of milk. You can cook it in any way, its soft and delicate taste does not change from this.
  • Crema Gusto, Super CremaCrema e Gusto Forte is a mixture of African robusta with Brazilian arabica. It is distinguished by a strong degree of roasting. Recommended for cooking American. Contains a large amount of caffeine.
  • Super Crema is perfect for any type of preparation. This is one of the most purchased blends of robusta with arabica. It has a gentle and light taste. Charming coffee for lovers of soft taste and lush foam.
  • Crema e Gusto has a pronounced smell of chocolate and a spicy creamy taste. From this mixture with the predominance of Robusta, it makes a very strong and rich coffee.
  • Lavazza oro, rossa, decaffeinato, gran riservaQualita Rossa A classic coffee blend of Arabica and Robusta with a deep taste and a warm chocolate aftertaste. Ideal for all kinds of drinks – espresso, cappuccino and latte.
  • Decaffeinato is the only grade in the line of Lavazza that does not contain caffeine. However, the taste and aroma of this mixture like real coffee. Suitable for any method of cooking.
  • Gran Riserva is a high-caffeinated variety, used only for electrical devices. The taste is slightly sour, but not bitter.
  • Qualita Oro This is a coffee blend with the longest history. Sensual taste of this drink is a combination of Arabica from Central America with its floral-fruity shades and noble Brazilian arabica with a taste of honey and malt.

lavazza logo

Types of Lavazza coffeeThe amount of arabica %The amount of robusta %
Filtro Classic1000
Top Class9010
Crema Aroma8020
Qualita Rossa7030
Qualita Oro1000
Bella Crema1000
Espresso Grand1000
Gran Riserva7030
Gold Selection1000
Super Crema8020
Crema e Gusto Forte8020
Crema e Gusto3070
Super Gusto8020

Espressoground coffee (fine grinding) or in beans
Crema e Gustoground (coarse)
Qualita Oroground (medium grinding), in beans or in capsules
TopClassin beans
Clubground (medium grinding) or in beans
Qualita Rossaground (fine grinding) or in beans
Pienaromain beans
Gold Selectionin beans
Gran Riservaground (coarse grinding), in beans or capsules
Super Cremain beans
Decaffeinatoground (fine grinding)
Grand Espressoin beans

For the preparation of espresso, the most suitable Lavazza varieties are:

  • Qualita Oro;
  • Grand Espresso;
  • Espresso;
  • Gran Riserva;
  • Qualita Rossa.

For mocha, cappuccino and latte it is good to use varieties:

  • Crema e Gusto;
  • Decaffeinato;
  • Super Crema;
  • Gold Selection.

Lavazza is an exquisite mix of ground and grain coffee: in packs, capsules and pods. And also – syrups, chocolate, sugar, paper and glass glasses, cups, napkins and, of course, – coffee machines.

Lavazza BLUE and A Modo Mio

Lavazza BLUE

The company has developed its own coffee machine Lavazza BLUE. A special principle of extraction in the work of the device provides a unique taste and classic flavor of this espresso “Lavazza”. Such appliances are compatible only with Lavazza capsules.

Capsule system A Modo Mio and capsule machines Lavazza, although they appeared relatively recently, began to enjoy great success with the consumers. For capsular coffee machines Lavazza used brand coffee in capsules. Hot drink is prepared by perforating the capsule and feeding water under high pressure. Then the finished drink is filtered and poured into a cup. If you press certain buttons, the capsule system Lavazza will not only make coffee, but will also be able to whip and pour the milk.

A Modo Mio lavazza coffee machine

A real Italian espresso is easy to recognize at a glance: a thick foam, a full body and a rich aroma.

The A Modo Mio capsule system gives you the opportunity to enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee anywhere: at home, on the corporate at the office, and even in the car with Lavazza’s EspressGo.