Bosch coffee maker troubleshooting

In most cases, a coffee maker can be repaired by its owner even if he doesn’t have any previous experience in this field. However, the simplicity of coffee makers can be deceptive. You definitely need a reliable guide to make the troubleshooting easy, effective, and safe for both you and the device. The tables below include advice on solving all the common issues.

How to use bosch coffee machine

Brewing a cup of coffee in a Tassimo coffee machine is pretty much the same as doing so in any similar coffee maker. All Tassimo modifications share common features, particularly T discs.

  • Check the water reservoir and pour in water (if it is empty or near empty).
  • Put a cup or mug on the holder in the front part of the unit. Be sure it is big enough to handle the needed amount of the drink (an espresso cup will be too small for a full cup cycle).
  • Press Power and wait until the standby light comes on.
  • Open the lid and insert a T disc with the beverage type you want to brew. Make sure the barcode is facing down and the tab of the disc matches the slot on the right side. To close the lid, press it all the way down (you should hear a click).
  • Wait until the standby light comes on. Now the coffee maker is reading the barcode. The green light coming on will mean that the machine is ready to start brewing.
  • Press “Start/Stop” to start the cycle. Once the right amount of liquid is released, the brewing process will stop. If you want a smaller drink, you can press the button around the middle of the brewing process.
  • When the orange standby light comes on, remove the T disc. To be on the safe side, prepare an oven mitt, because the disc may be hot right after use.
  • You can brew another drink right after a previous one is finished providing that you use a fresh T disc and another cup. If you are not planning brew any more drinks, turn off your coffee machine.

Bosch TES71129RW coffee maker troubleshooting

Display shows Refill bean container although the bean container 15 is full, or the grinding unit does not grind the beans.Beans are not falling into the grinding unit (beans too oily).Gently tap the bean con- tainer 15.
Change the type of coffee if necessary. When the bean container 15 is empty, wipe it with a dry cloth.
No hot water dispensed.The milk frother 10 or its holder is soiled.Clean the milk frother 10 or its holder.
Too little or no milk froth or the milk frother 10 does not draw the milk in.The milk frother 10 or its holder is soiled.Clean the milk frother 10 or its holder.
Milk unsuitable for frothing.Use low-fat milk (1.5 % fat).
The milk frother 10 is not correctly assembled.Moisten and assemble the milk frother parts; the two marks must be lined up one above the other.
Build-up of limescale in the appliance.Descale the appliance using two descaling tablets, if nec- essary repeat the procedure.
The selected per-cup quantity is not reached. Coffee dispensing slows to a trickle or stops completely.Coffee is ground too finely. Pre-ground coffee is too fine.Adjust the grinding unit to a coarser setting. Use coarser pre-ground coffee.
Build-up of limescale in the appliance.Descale the appliance.
Coffee has no “crema”.Unsuitable type of coffee.Use a type of coffee with a higher proportion of robusta beans.
The beans are no longer fresh.Use fresh beans.
The grinding setting is not suitable for the beans.Adjust grinding setting to fine.
Coffee is too “acidic".The grinding setting is too coarse or the pre-ground coffee is too coarse.Adjust the grinding unit to a finer setting or use finer pre- ground coffee.
Unsuitable type of coffee.Use a darker roast.
Coffee is too “bitter”.The grinding setting is too fine or the pre-ground coffee is too fine.Adjust the grinding unit to a coarser setting or use coars- er pre-ground coffee.
Unsuitable type of coffee.Change type of coffee used.
Display shows Error Please contact HOTLINEThe appliance has a fault.Please call the hotline.
The water filter does not stay in position in the water tank 11.The water filter is not mounted correctly.Firmly press the water filter straight down into the tank connection.
Display shows Check water tankWater tank has been incorrectly inserted or the new water filter has not been rinsed according to instructions.
Insert the water tank correctly or rinse the water filter according to instructions and then switch on.
The coffee grounds are not compact and are too wet.The grinding setting is too fine or too coarse, or not enough ground coffee has been used.Adjust the grinding unit to a coarser or finer setting, or use 2 level measuring spoons of ground coffee.
Clean brewing unitBrewing unit is soiled.Clean brewing unit.
Coffee or milk froth quality varies considerably.Build-up of limescale in the appliance.Descale the appliance with two descaling tablets as de- scribed in the instructions.
Water dripped onto the inner floor of the appliance when the drip tray was removed.Drip tray removed too early.Wait a few seconds after the last drink was dispensed before removing the drip tray.

Bosch Tassimo coffee maker troubleshooting

ProblemPossible causeSolution
Appliance not working; no symbols light up.There is no power supply.Check that the appliance is properly plugged into the power supply.
I cannot read the LC display because it is in the wrong language.You may want to change the language setting.
Machine brews but no drink dispensed.The water tank was removed during the brewing process or there is air in the system.Replace the water tank in the appropriate position in your TASSIMO machine. Start a cleaning process with the Service disc.
The float in the water tank is stuck.Clean the water tank and ensure the float can move.
Automatic mode not working, appliance remains in stand-by mode.No T DISC inserted.Check if T DISC has been inserted.
The barcode could not be detected.Clean the bar code reading window and try again or smooth the barcode on the T DISC out with your thumb.
If problems persist contact TASSIMO or Bosch Customer Service Department at 1-877- TDISCS1 (1-877-834-7271).
Automatic mode skipped, appliance goes straight to 9 manual mode.The barcode could not be detected.Clean the bar code reading window.
You can still prepare the drink by holding down the start/stop button.
Water dripping from the brewing unit.The T DISC is damaged or leaky.Stop the brewing process, remove the T DISC and clean the brewing unit.
The piercing unit is either not inserted or not inserted properly.Check to ensure that the piercing unit is inserted properly.
Water on the surface under the cup stand.Water from condensation.Condensation may occur and is not a fault. Remove it by wiping with a cloth.
Service T DISC is damaged or lost.The Service T DISC must always be used for cleaning and descaling processes.A Sen/ice T DISC can be pur- chased from or from TASSIMO or Bosch Cus- tomer Service Department at 1- 877-TDISCS1 (1-877-834-7271).
Fill tank lights up even though there is sufficient water in the tank.The float in the water tank is stuck.Clean the water tank and ensure that the float can move.
7d and 7e are flashing simulta-neously and it is not possible to prepare drinks.There is an error on the machine.Turn the machine off using the on/off switch, wait approximately 5 minutes and turn the machine back on. If 7d and ® 7 e are still flashing, please contact the TASSIMO or BOSCH Customer Services Department at 1-877- TDISCS1 (1-877-834-7271).
Descale flashes even though you are using filtered or softened water.Even filtered water contains small amounts of dissolved lime.Descale the appliance.
Memo display is not working anymore.Reset or purchase new one.Contact the TASSIMO or Bosch Customer Service Department at 1-877-TDISCS1 (1-877-834-7271).
Cup lighting and LC display have turned offAfter 5 min. of inactivity, machine automatically reverts to stand-by mode to save energyTo re-activate, please open and close brewing unit or touch start/stop button

Bosch TAS4011GB coffee maker troubleshooting

All the indicator lights are flashing.1. Water level is too low.1. Refill the water container
2. No T-DISC in machine.2. Place a T-DISC, label side down, on the T-DISC holder and dose the brew mechanism.
3. T-DISC is damaged.3. Clean the bar code reading window or replace the T-DISC.
4. Machine not prepared for use.
5. Internal machine fault.5. Contact Tassimo careline.
The machine will not move past STANDBY.The brew mechanism may not be closed property.Make sure that a T-DISC is placed on the T-DISC holder and the brew mechanism is firmly closed.
The Auto Mode is not working.Bar code reader may not be able to read the T-DISC label.Clean the bar code reading window.
Replace the T-DISC.
You can still enjoy your preferred drink by using the Manual Mode.
My cup is overflowing.Each drink has been formulated to produce the perfect amount of liquid. Be sure that you are using the right sized cup for your drink.Ensure that you use the following recommended cup sizes:
Espresso 75ml Cappuccino 200ml Coffee, Caffe crema, Chocolate*and Tea 280ml
My cup doesn't fit.The cup stand is too close to the brew mechanism.Try lowering the cup stand to fit your cup. You can also temporarily remove the cup stand and drip tray, leaving the splashback in place.
Liquid is splashing out of the cup.Cup is placed too far away from the brew mechanism.Adjust the height of the cup stand up to ensure that the cup is closer to the brew mechanism.
The machine is leaking from the brew mechanism.1. T-DISC is damaged or leaking.Press the start/stop button to stop the brew cycle. Slowly open the brew mechanism, remove the T-DISC, and clean the inside of the brew mechanism. Remove and refit the piercing unit.
2. The piercing unit is not fitted properly.
The machine is leaking from the bottom.1. Drip tray is full of water.1. Empty the removable drip tray.
2. Splashback is not properly fitted.2. Remove and refit the splashback, cup stand, and drip tray back on the machine.
My drinks are brewing shorter than usual.The machine may require descaling.Descale the machine
I have lost my cleaning disc.A cleaning disc is needed to rinse and descale the machine.Contact Tassimo careline.
My machine is not operating; there are no lights illuminated.The electrical supply may not be connected properly.Check that the machine is properly plugged into the electrical supply. Check the on/off switch at the back of the machine.

How to clean a Tassimo coffee machine

Tassimo coffee machines are very user-friendly and do not require complicated maintenance. However, they do need proper and regular cleaning and descaling. Failure to do so can pretty much spoil the taste of coffee or cause a blockage in the system. The procedure consists of a few steps:

Step 1

Take off all removable parts of your coffee machine and rinse them in running hot water with dish soap. Make sure you do it thoroughly. When you are through with the rinsing, put the part in a dish drainer and let them air-dry by themselves.

Step 2

Each machine comes with a reusable cleaning disc, which you can find in the brewing unit. Use it at least once a week. When inserting it, please, be sure that the bar code is facing downward. The disc is also great for descaling the device.

Step 3

Fill the water reservoir with cold water and run a usual cycle. You a kind of use the cleaning disc instead of coffee grinds.

Step 4

When the cycle is over, remove the cleaning disc. Put it somewhere, so that you can find and use it after another week. Turn it off and take the cup of water out of the machine (it should have come out during the cycle). Rinse the cup in warm water with dish soap.

Step 5

Soak a little rag in a water/vinegar solution (50/50) and wipe your Tassimo machine’s body. Thus you will give your unit a bit of good looks plus disinfect the surface.


The German engineering and electronics company Robert Bosch GmbH was founded in 1886. Today, it manufactures a vast variety of products, from automotive components to household appliances. One of the most known Bosch coffee makers is the Benvenuto built-in coffee machine.