Krups coffee maker troubleshooting

The troubleshooting advice below will be of great help if your Krups coffee maker gets out of hand. The list of possible problems is rather long.

Whether there’s a leakage or there’s no light indicator, whether coffee comes out very slowly or there’s no coffee at all, follow the tips from these tables. They contain advice received directly from the Krups company and are safe even for do-it-yourselfers with no relevant experience.

Not brewing

Step 1

If you have come to realize that your Krups coffee maker is not brewing, make sure that the device is on and connected to the mains. Also, check the voltage in your house.

Step 2

The reservoir may be overfilled. Pour out water and fill it to the level specified in the manual. Use no more than one thermal carafe.

Step 3

To keep your coffee hot for a long time, heat thermal coffee carafe(s) up with hot water. Then empty the carafe and start brewing. One the brewing is over, make sure the carafe is sealed properly and can keep heat inside.

Step 4

Be sure there is enough coffee in the filter. To avoid overflow, add one tablespoonful of coffee per cup.

Step 5

Problems often occur due to scaled parts. To descale a coffee maker, use an appropriate descaling solution. If you do not have any, add some vinegar (about 8 ounces) to the water reservoir. Remove the basket and the filter, them put the empty carafein the machine. Start a brewing cycle. Once the solution half-fills the tank, pause the cycle for an hour. Then resume the cycle and wait until it finishes. Pour out the solution. Then add 8 ounces of water and run another cycle to rinse the machine.

Krups Espressia Automatic XP9000 coffee maker troubleshooting

Coffee is not hot enoughPreheat cups with hot water or place them on cup holder
Coffee only drips out or almost not all- Set grinding to coarser grade or if using ready-ground coffee use coarser granules
- Clean brewing unit as described
- Clean machine
Coffee has no cremaCoffee not fresh or unsuitable brand of coffee. Change coffee or brand.
Too little froth, or froth too runnyUse very fresh, very cold milk (ideally 6-8°C / 42-46°F and minimum 1.5% fat)
No steam/hot water from nozzleNozzle is blocked - unscrew, clean and prick the opening in the central outlet with a pin and fit back into place.
Grinder is noisyDuring further preparations check whether noise persists; if so, use only ground coffee. Contact Krups customer service
“check drip tray” is continually displayed- Insert drip tray correctly
- Clean metal contacts in rear area
Doors cannot be openedLift nozzle so that the door latch is released

Krups EF 472 coffee maker troubleshooting

CheckError symptomsMeasure / repair workFurther measures / repair work
1 Check the coffee machine for visi- ble damage1.1 Housing parts bro- ken or damagedYES - replace housing parts if necessary NO - continue with point 1.2
1.2 Mains cable dam- agedYES - replace the mains cable NO - connect the cable from machine to the mains and con- tinue with point 2.1
2 Check mechani- cal components2.1 When the coffee machine is switched off, the cup tray remains in the vertical positionYES - continue with point 2.2
NO - check if the capsule con- tainer and the cup tray are cor- rectly inserted and mountedYES - replace damaged or deformed cup tray
2.2 Closing handle functionsYES - continue with point 2.3
NO - it is very difficult or almost impossible to close the handle and to press it all the way downYES - replace the compact brewing unit
2.3 The capsule is ejected correctlyYES - continue with point2.4 NO - replace compact brewing unit
2.4 Seal on the capsule cage is damaged (check seal with your finger)YES- replace the compact brewing unit NO - continue with point 3
3 Fill water tank3.1 Water tank leaksYES- replace water tank NO - continue with point 4
4 Activate the On- Off switch to per- form the auto matic self test.4.1 Cup tray folds downYES - continue with point 4.2
NO - locking mechanism worksYES - replace damaged or deformed cup tray NO - replace locking mecha- nism
4.2 The coffee machine is not working (does not function)YES - a) mains cable is okayYES - continue with point b) NO - replace mains cable
YES - b) on-off switch is okayYES - continue with point c) NO - replace on off switch
YES - c) pump works (press a coffee button)YES - continue with point f) NO - continue with point d)
YES- d) both coffee buttons are workingYES - continue with point e) NO - replace the entire elec- tronics
YES - e) fine wire fuse (128°C) on the pump is defectiveYES - replace fine wire fuse NO - replace pump
YES- 0 fine wire fuse(s) (167°C) on the thermoblock defectiveYES - replace entire electronics, if necessary, even replace thermoblock NO - continue with point g)
4 Continuation4.2 ContinuationYES - g) wiring is okayYES - replace the entire elec- tronics NO - replace defective cables
NO - continue with point 4.3
4.3 Capsule container is illuminatedYES - continue with point 4.4
NO - replace mainboard
4.4 Both coffee buttons are blinking 3x fastYES - thermoblock is hotYES - replace NTC-tempera- ture sensor NO - replace thermoblock
NO - self test ok. Continue with point 5
5 Measure coffee temperature during preparation5.1 No coffeeYES - a) water system is emptyYES - for further procedures
NO - continue with the point b)
YES - b) flow meter blockedYES - clean or replace NO - continue with point c)
YES - c) pyramide plate blockedYES - replace the compact brewing unit NO - continue with point d)
YES - d) coffee machine is cal- cifiedYES - descale coffee machine
NO - continue with point 5.2
5.2 Temperature is too low (below 83°C)YES - Descale coffee machine
NO - continue with point 5.3
5.3 Temperature too high (over 89°C)YES - replace NTC-tempera- ture sensor NO - continue with point 6
6 Check for leakage and measure flow rate6.1 CBU leaksYES - replace the compact brewing unit NO - continue with point 6.2
6.2 Hose connections leakYES - replace defective hoses and seals NO - continue with point 6.3
6.3 Rate of flow not in the standard rangeYES - coffee machine is calci- fiedYES - descale coffee machine
NO - replace pump
NO - no errors found according to checklistfor more information please contact Nespresso Service Division
7 Descale coffee machine (if necessary)7.1 Coffee machine is calcifiedYES - Descale coffee machine
8 Final cleaning

Krups ESPRESSO COMBI XP1600 coffee maker troubleshooting

Problem :Cause:
Espresso leaking from portafilter.Portafilter not properly inserted.
Portafilter not pushed in far enough.
Internal gasket is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Gasket without elasticity, replace it with a new one.
Espresso does not come out.No water in boiler container.
No coffee in portafilter.
Filter clogged because coffee grind is too fine and or pressed down too hard
Steam does not come out of steam nozzle.No water or not enough water in the boiler chamber.
Steam nozzle is clogged.
Not enough froth when frothing the milk.Steam nozzle touches bottom of pitcher.
Steam nozzle is clogged.
Milk has too high of a fat content or is too warm (More than 46 Degrees Fahrenheit).

Krups FME2 coffee maker troubleshooting

Coffee machine does not turn on.Check to ensure the appliance is plugged into a working outlet, and the appliance is in the «ON» position.
Appliance appears to be leaking.Make sure that the water tank has not been filled beyond the max. fill level.
The thermal carafe does not keep the coffee hot long enough.For best results we recommend that you pre-heat your therm with HOT water just prior to brewing. This will ensure the hottest coffee for the longest time.
Takes a long time to brew.It may be time to descale your coffee maker. On timer models you should see the words «CALC» in the display. On non-timer models you should descale every 40 to 80 uses depending on the hardness of your water.

Krups XP1000 coffee maker troubleshooting

ProblemsProbable CausesSolutions
Espresso. The coffee drips too slowly.The coffee is ground too fine.Use more coarsely ground coffee.
Filter blocked.Clean it with a brush.
Water passage grid is clogged.Clean the appliance when cold.
Presence of scale.De-Scale the appliance.
The coffee drips too slowly.Dirty filter-holder or dirty filter.Clean them with hot water.
The coffee is ground too fine.Use more coarsely ground coffee.
The coffee doesn’t drip.The knob is in the “Steam” position (b3).Turn the knob to the “Espresso” position (b2).
The espresso leaks onto the filter holder sides.Filter holder is clogged up.Remove any excess ground coffee.
The filter holder is not properly positioned.Put it back into place and lock it into position.
Bad taste.Insufficient rinsing.Follow the rinsing instructions.
Steam. Water runs out of the filter holder.The knob is in the “Espresso” position (b2).Turn the knob to the “Steam” position (b3).
Little or no steam in the “steam” position.The knob opened too early.Close the “Steam” knob for 2 minutes.

Krups Nespresso my machine Inissia coffee maker troubleshooting

No light indicator.Check the mains, plug, voltage, and fuse. In case of problems, call theAfep/esso Club.
No coffee, no water.First use: fill water tank with warm water (max. 55° C) and run through machine.
Water tank is empty. Fill water tank.
Descale if necessary.
Coffee comes out very slowly.Flow speed depends on the coffee variety. Descale if necessary.
Coffee is not hot enough.Preheat cup. Descale if necessary.
Capsule area is leaking (water in capsule container).Position capsule correctly. If leakages occur, call the A/espresso Club.
Irregular blinking.Send appliance to repair or call the Nespresso Club.
No coffee, just water runs out (despite inserted capsule).In case of problems, call the Nespresso Club.

Krups KM1000 coffee maker troubleshooting

Coffee brews too slowly (more than 10 minutes)- Descale the machine
- Clean the brew basket and drip stop valve of coffee residue. Also clean the permanent filter if applicable.
- Check that there are no issues with the power supply.
- Use a different quality coffee paper.
- Check that any coffee bean is not clogging the tank bottom.
The lid does not close properly- The filter holder must be seated & locked into the basket. - Use the handle to seat the filter holder, and then turn the handle to the locked position.
Problems with programming the Auto-on or the clock.- Turn the machine off and unplug it from the power source. Wait 1 minute and reconnect. This can allow the electronics to reinitialize to factory settings.
The stop-drip does not work- Clean the valve under running water, manually activating the stop-drip.

Krups XP4050 coffee maker troubleshooting

ProblemsProbable causesCorrective actions
Espresso not hot enough.Cups, filter and filter holder are cold.Preheat the accessories (cups, filter, filter holder).
Coffee leaks around the filter holder.The filter holder is not mounted correctly or has not been tightened sufficiently.
There are coffee grounds on the edge of the filter.Clean around the filter and the gasket.
The brewing head gasket is dirty.Clean the gasket with a damp cloth.
The brewing head gasket is defective.Contact an approved Krups service center.
Leaking through paper pod.Tear excess paper from pod at perforated edge. Place the E.S.E. pod with the RED MARKING FACE DOWN (bend the paper corners down). Take care to put all the paper inside the filter.
Pump is very noisy.No water in the water tank.Fill the water tank.
Water tank incor- rectly mounted. Coffee grounds too old or very dry and the pump can- not produce pressure.Press firmly down on the water tank. Use fresh coffee.
Water does not run through.No water in the water tank.Fill the water tank.
Water tank incor- rectly mounted.Press firmly down on the water tank.
The filter is blocked, the coffee grounds are too fine or tamped down too hard.Clean the filter and the grid on the head.
Try a coarser coffee.
Brewing head grid is encrusted.Put the grid to soak in descaling solution
Machine needs descaling.
Water runs through too quickly.Coffee grounds too coarse.Try a finer coffee.
Quantity of ground coffee is insufficient.Use the spoon provided to measure out the coffee.
Coffee grounds not tamped down firmly enough.Tamp down the coffee again.
The espresso has no crema.Coffee grounds too coarse.Try a finer-ground coffe.
Coffee grounds not tamped.Tamp down the coffee again.
Coffee grounds stale or too dry.Use fresh coffee.
The milk is not very frothy.Auto cappuccino Accessory blocked.
Milk not fresh. Milk is lukewarm.Use fresh milk. Put milk in refrigerator.
Lots of water on the coffee grounds.Grounds not properly tamped down.Tamp down the grounds.
Insufficient quantity of ground coffee coffee.Increase the quantity of ground.

Krups XP6010 coffee maker troubleshooting

ProblemsProbable causesSolutions
The appliance does not work.The power supply has been cut off.Check that there is current at the socket.
The machine is not on.Activate the START/STOP button and check that the temperature light is flashing.
The heating unit does not heat up.The machine is on automatic standby.Exit standby mode by activating the START/STOP button.
The water tank is empty Important: if it becomes empty during operation, the pump becomes very noisy. Stop the function immediately or switch the machine off.Fill the water tank.
The water tank is not positioned correctly.Remove the tank and reposition it correctly.
The coffee is ground too finely.Check your grind setting on your grinder and readjust it to a coarser grind.
Coffee, hot water or steam is not dispensed.There is too much coffee in the filter.Use the quantity indicated in the instructions.
The filter is blocked.Dip the filter in soapy water to clean it; gently scrub to remove superficial dirt. Use a fine needle to remove any dirt, limescale and rinse under clear water. If necessary, perform more thorough cleaning.
The heating unit is still too hot following steam production.It is imperative that you let the hot water flow through the spout to lower the temperature of the thermo block.
The appliance has limescale.Completely descale the appliance.
The coffee flows through the panels on the filter holder.The filter holder is not securely attached to the group head.Tighten the filter holder to the group head. Locking of the filter holder will get easier after the first uses.
The edges of the paper pods overlap the filter.Center the pod and fold the edges inside the filter.
The joint for the group head is worn.Get a professional from an Approved Service Center to replace the joint.
The coffee or hot water tastes bad.The heating unit or spout circuit has limescale.Descale the appliance.
The appliance was not rinsed properly after descaling.Rinse again thoroughly.
The water used is of insufficient quality.Change water. Water with a low mineral content is preferable (pH 7).
The coffee color does not look rightThe coffee is not fresh.Replace with fresh coffee.
The coffee grounds are too coarse.Replace with finer coffee grounds.
The cup is too cold.Pre-heat the cup.