Braun tassimo coffee maker troubleshooting

Modern coffee maker is a simply designed device. It needs to pump hot water through the ground grains of coffee and then collect the beverage in a special tank and keep it preheated until use. Quite often, a failure may occur at some stage of coffee preparation. This special table will help you find out the cause of the breakdown. Find your case based on the symptoms and learn how to fix your coffee maker.

All the indicator lights are flashing.1. Water level is too low.1. Refill the water container
2. No T-DISC in machine.2. Place a T-DISC, label side down, on the T-DISC holder and close the brew mechanism.
3. T-DISC is damaged.3. Clean the bar code reading window or replace the T-DISC.
5. Internal machine fault.5. Contact Tassimo careline.
The machine will not move past STANDBY.The brew mechanism may not be closed properly.Make sure that a T-DISC is placed on the T-DISC holder and the brew mechanism is firmly closed.
The Auto Mode is not working.Bar code reader may not be able to read the T-DISC label.Clean the bar code reading window.
Replace the T-DISC.
You can still enjoy your preferred drink by using the Manual Mode.
My cup is overflowing.Each drink has been formulated to produce the perfect amount of liquid. Be sure that you are using the right sized cup for your drink.Ensure that you use the following recommended cup sizes:
Espresso 75ml Cappuccino 200ml Coffee, Caffe crema, Chocolate*and Tea 280ml
My cup doesn’t fit.The cup stand is too close to the brew mechanism.Try lowering the cup stand to fit your cup. You can also temporarily remove the cup stand and drip tray, leaving the splashback in place.
Liquid is splashing out of the cup.Cup is placed too far away from the brew mechanism.Adjust the height of the cup stand up to ensure that the cup is closer to the brew mechanism.
The machine is leaking from the brew mechanism.1. T-DISC is damaged or leaking.Press the start/stop button to stop the brew cycle. Slowly open the brew mechanism, remove the T-DISC, and clean the inside of the brew mechanism. Remove and refit the piercing unit.
2. The piercing unit is not fitted properly.
The machine is leaking from the bottom.1. Drip tray is full of water.1. Empty the removable drip tray.
2. Splashback is not properly fitted.2. Remove and refit the splashback, cup stand, and drip tray back on the machine.
My drinks are brewing shorter than usual.The machine may require descaling.Descale the machine
1 have lost my cleaning disc.A cleaning disc is needed to rinse and descale the machine.Contact Tassimo careline.
My machine is not operating; there are no lights illuminated.The electrical supply may not be connected properly.Check that the machine is properly plugged into the electrical supply. Check the on/off switch at the back of the machine.