Krups coffee maker error codes

When any malfunction occurs, coffee machines with displays show an error code or a text warning on the control screen. This helps the users of coffee machines to obtain information and make the right decision: whether to fix the problem on their own, or contact the service center in order to solve the problem.

Krups error code 09

There is no response to temperature change in the boiler. Most likely, there is a disconnection in the terminal or loose wiring. Check the sensor: it is located at the boiler’s front. If the sensor proves bad, the whole boiler will need to be replaced, because they are integrated.

Krups error code 06

Error 6 signals a leak in one or some of the machine’s systems. These are:

  • Distributor
  • Thermocoil
  • Pump valve
  • Piping

In most cases, the error requires professional help, because specialized tools and devices need to be used.

Krups error code 12

This code appears when there is an ejection switch issue. Check the switch and the switch activator. If nothing is wrong with these, inspect the wiring and PCB. Finally, make sure the chamber is not clogged with debris.

Krups error code 05

If the water pump has been launched and there is no water in the system after a few seconds, this may be due to:

  • A block in the water contour
  • Faulty water meter
  • Faulty or damaged pump

ErrorWhat does
Error 1, Error 2, Error 3, Error 4Distributor does not work
Error 5Blocked water circuit (water meter, pump, distributor, distributor motor, microswitch)
Error 6Leakage of water in the pallet
Error 7Locked coffee grinder
Error 9No heating (NTC-resistance). Defective heating element or its components
Error 10Malfunctions in electronics
Error 12 и 13Mechanical interlocking