Hamilton beach coffee maker error code 07

This error code appears when the brew basket overflows or the brewing is too slow.

It happens when:

  • You have loaded too much ground coffee;
  • You are using decaffeinated or finely ground coffee. Use a little smaller amount of such coffee or switch to medium ground coffee;
  • It is time to clean your coffee maker;

If you are using a paper filter:

  • Coffee grounds are stuck between the brew basket and the filter;
  • The paper filter is misplaced or closed;
  • The filter’s edges do not cling properly to the sides of the basket. Rinsing the basket may solve the issue;
  • You are using a poor quality filter.

Also, the error may indicate that coffee was spilt onto the base.

Finally, it may appear if you remove the carafe from the warmer plate during the brewing process and do not put it back onto it for more than 20 seconds.