Proctor-silex coffee maker troubleshooting

Repairing a coffee maker in the service centers might require a lot of time and money. And in fact sometimes you can solve the problem on your own even without any help from the specialists. Let’s review the most common malfunctions and learn how to fix them at home.

Leaks from dispenser.• Coffee grounds trapped in coffee tank dispensing mechanism under seal in coffee tank.
Coffee tastes bad.• Coffeemaker needs cleaning.
• Coffee ground other than automatic drip.
• Coffee-to-water ratio unbalanced.
Adjust for personal preference.
• Poor water quality (use filtered or bottled water to make coffee).
Coffee not brewing/ coffee stops brewing/ unit will not turn on.• Mineral deposits have built up. Clean the coffeemaker following Cleaning Instructions.
• Water reservoir is empty.
• Unit is unplugged.
• Power outage.
• Power surge. Unplug then plug the unit back in.
• Clock model requires reset after power outage.
Brew light turns off immediately after brew button is released without brewing.• Brew button is completely pushed in.
• No water in reservoir.
• Coffeemaker must cool before brewing. Wait five minutes, then try to brew again. NOTE: Do not hold in brew button. This will damage the coffeemaker.
• Coffeemaker needs cleaning.
Coffee brews slowly/ coffee overflows basket.• Coffeemaker needs cleaning. Clean the coffeemaker at least every 30 days to maintain proper performance.
• Excessive amounts of coffee.
• Coffee ground too finely (not automatic drip grind).
• More than one paper filter in basket.
• Poor quality or wrong size paper filter.