Ninja coffee maker troubleshooting

The troubleshooting table will help you to restore the correct operation of your coffee maker. The cause of the breakdown is often very simple and you can fix it on your own. The symptoms of the problem are listed in the first column of the table. Other columns contain a description of the cause of the failure and repair methods.

Maker leaking water

  1. Please, be sure that the filter is placed properly and the filter basket is closed.
  2. Check the water reservoir and make sure it is positioned properly.
  3. Do not overfill the reservoir. If you do, the excess water will pour our through the overflow hole at the reservoir’s top and collect in the bottom part of the machine.
  4. If none of these items is faulty, but the leak is still there, call a professional service.

Stops brewing

There are some common issues, which can stop your coffee machine from brewing properly:

  • Bad power cord or on/off switch. It is advisable to call a professional. Poor repair can lead to a short circuit, irreparable damage to the device, and fire.
  • Clogged, open or closes one-way valve. Use a long and sharp object to remove debris.
  • Limescale buildup on the tubes. Aluminum heating tubes are even more likely to get scaled. Run a cycle with vinegar to clean the system, then two more cycles witр

Leaking from bottom

Water leaking from the carafe or near the warmer plate:

  • Make sure the brew basket is in the machine.
  • If it is not there, water will pour directly onto the carafe and flood the warming plate. If this happens, you will hear a sizzling noise and see a lot of steam. The brew basket should always be there!

Coffee/grounds pouring out when brewing:

  • Make sure that the coffee is running from the bottom, not from the top when filling. Check the bottom part of the unit: if there are droplets hanging from the bottom, there is a serious problem. Use professional help. 

Water reservoir leaking

If there are leaks in the coffee maker, please, check all tubes and connections. This is a quite so common cause of leaks. If you spot a leak in an elbow, clean all parts and surfaces. Take both the tube and connector (elbow) and check if they fit together perfectly. If not, replace faulty parts.

Bar stops brewing

Bad Power Supply Unit

Be sure that there is indication on the display. If there are no lights and the motor won’t give a sound, it is not powered. Push the Power button. If nothing happens, try another socket and/or power cord.

The Water Reservoir Needs to be Filled

Fill the water reservoir, reselect your mode (brew type and size) and restart your cycle.

Drip Stop Closed

Check the drip stop and open it if necessary. If you hear five beeps, the drip stop is closed or there is not enough water in the tank.

Brew Basket not Placed Properly

Align the basket with the rails and press on it lightly until it takes the right position.

Sediment in my coffee.If there is sediment at the bottom of the brewed coffee, this may be due to finely ground coffee in a permanent filter.
To reduce the amount of sediment in the brewed coffee use a slightly coarser grind or use a paper filter.
Grounds in my coffee.If there are grounds in your coffee, check to make sure the brew basket did not overflow.
If there are too many grounds in the brew basket, or you are using a fine ground coffee, the grounds will flow into an overflow channel designed to make sure overflow is captured in the brew vessel. For best results use medium ground coffee in the recommended measurements.
Brew Basket dripping after brew.Check to see if the Drip Stop toggle is set to the closed, no drip position.
If the Drip Stop is set to the closed, no drip position and the brewer continues to drip, run a clean cycle or wash the brew basket thoroughly with warm, soapy water.
Paper filter falling over.The Ninja Coffee Bar is designed to take a #4 cone filter. Be sure you are using this size and shape for best results.
Be sure the paper filter is firmly pressed into the brew basket.
Wet the comers of the filter for best results.
If problem persists, try using a permanent filter.
Coffee is not hot enough.To keep your coffee hotter longer, preheat your mug or carafe by rinsing it with hot water from the tap.
If using a microwave safe mug with cream or milk, try preheating the cream or milk in the microwave for 30 seconds.
NOTE: Never place carafe in the microwave.
Over Ice Brew is not cold.The Over Ice Brew is designed to brew hot coffee over ice to lock in the flavor for rich, smooth iced coffee. Make sure your cup, travel mug, or carafe is filled all the way to the top with ice cubes.
Weak coffee.If the coffee tastes weak, try adding more coffee grounds into the brew basket for the next brew cycle.
If the coffee is still weak after adding more coffee grounds, try Rich Brew to make a stronger more concentrated cup.
Coffee too strong.Try using a more coarse grind. If the coffee is still too strong, try using less coffee grounds.
Brew will not start.Check to make sure the brewer is plugged in and water is in the water reservoir.
If the drip stop is in the open position, check that the brew basket is pushed all the way into the brewer.
If you hear 5 beeps, check that the drip stop is in the open position.
NOTE: The brew will begin, stop, and be quiet for a short period of time before it begins again. This process is used to evenly saturate your coffee grounds.
Brew cycle is too slow.A carafe brew will take approximately 8 minutes and the single cup will take approximately 4 minutes.
If the brew cycle is taking longer than normal, run the clean cycle with the descaling solution.
My cup, travel mug or carafe overflowed.The cup, travel mug or carafe may not have been empty prior to brewing.
The water exceeded the Max Fill line on the water reservoir prior to brewing.
The Ninja Coffee Bar™ is designed to dispense the following amounts on classic brew:
Cup 9.5 oz Travel Mug 14oz Half Carafe 19 oz Carafe 38 oz
Please ensure that you are using at least a 12 oz. cup for the cup size and a 16 oz. travel mug for the travel mug size.
NOTE: On Rich Brew, Over Ice Brew, and Specialty Brew there will be less volume dispensed.
Brew basket overflowed.Check the amount of coffee or type of grind used.
Water left in my reservoir.Ninja Coffee Bar allows you to fill the reservoir up to but not exceeding the Max Fill line and Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence will only use the water needed for the brew size and style selected.
After a brew you may notice left over water in your water reservoir after filling to the minimum fill line of the size selected. The water reservoir markings are minimum fill lines that indicate if there is enough water for the proper brew size in the reservoir for any brew style in that size, but all brew styles use different amounts of water to create the proper flavor and concentration.
You can brew multiple cups before needing to refill.
Does it take coffee pods?This brewer is designed to brew coffee grounds only. Do not insert pods or K-Cups.
My Ninja Coffee Bar is leaking.If the leak is coming from the brew basket, be sure all the parts are fit securely in the brewer.
If the leak is coming from the bottom of the brewer call customer service
My Ninja Coffee Bar beeped and did not complete the full brew that 1 selected.Ensure the water reservoir is locked in place and is filled with enough water for the desired brew.
Check the CLEAN indicator light. If illuminated, run a clean cycle with the appropriate descaling solution or a white vinegar mixture.
Check the Drip Stop indicator light. If illuminated, ensure the brew basket is fully inserted into the brewer and open the Drip Stop once the vessel is placed under the brew basket.
Why is the second cup that 1 brewed hotter than the first brew?Once the Ninja Coffee Bar, has brewed the first cup, the brewing system is pre-warmed. This enables any following brews to be slightly hotter. For a hot first cup try pre-warming your mug.