Verismo coffee maker troubleshooting

Just like any other appliance, coffee makers have a habit of breaking down for various reasons – usually, in the most unexpected moments. The easiest way to find out the cause of the breakdown is to look at the symptoms. Look at the table below to find the descriptions of all the major breakdowns and malfunctions of coffee makers and find out what you need to do to make them the appliance work again.

Verismo V585 coffee maker troubleshooting

Why is there a delay before the drink is dispensed?The machine is adjusting to the right temperature to make your beverage.
After using the milk pod, why isn't the drink dispensing immediately after pressing the Espresso or Brewed buttons?After a milk pod, the machine requires up to 8-10 seconds to heat to the required temperature. Wait until lights stop blinking, then push Espresso button.
How do I remove the pod container if it is jammed or overfilled?Gently move the pod container back and forth while removing the container.
Why isn't the beverage hot enough?The machine may need to be descaled
Why are all the buttons flashing at a fast rate for a prolonged period of time?Try switching off the machine and unplugging the cord from the wall socket.
Why isn't the drink dispensing properly?Ensure the lever is pressed down completely. If necessary, descale the machine
Why does the machine switch itself off suddenly when it is used a lot?The machine switches itself off as protection against overheating. If this occurs, let the machine cool down for about 30 minutes before using it again.
How do 1 reset appliance to factory settings?Switch off and unplug appliance. Keep the Rinse button and the Milk button pressed and plug in appliance. Then release both buttons.
What is the Eco mode?The appliance returns to Eco mode if it is unused for more than 30 minutes (factory setting). The appliance uses considerably less energy in Eco mode (less than 0.5 W/h) than if it is ready for operation.