Chemex coffee maker troubleshooting

Whatever issue your coffee maker is experiencing, refer to the table below for help. Chemex itself has provided the troubleshooting information.

The display has gone dimThe Brewer has gone into the Power Saver mode. This is normal.Press any key to bring it out of this mode.
E1-E6One of the sensors has broken.Contact Behmor Technical Support.
E7The reservoir went dry while heating.Turn the system off. Allow to cool for 5 minutes. Turn on, add water to the reservoir and try brewing again.
My coffee basket over flowedEithera - The carafe must be in place when brewing.
a - The carafe was not in place, orb - Use a less fine grind or less coffee.
b - The filter clogged.If using the metal filter, try a cloth or paper filter.
During calibration the water boils over a minute.This is normal.N/A
My coffee is sourThis is a journey - you have to experiment.Try grinding finer and/or brewing at a higher temperature.
My coffee is bitterTry grinding less fine and/or brewing at a lower temperature.

Although the Massachusetts-based brand Chemex can’t compete with multinational giants like Samsung or Bosch, it has managed to gain a fair share of the market due to its narrow specialization. It manufactures so-called Chemex coffee makers, simple pour-over style glass-containers invented in 1941. Although originally, the range consisted of only manual coffee makers, today the company also manufactures automatic machines capable of brewing both hot and iced coffee.