StanleyHi there and welcome to my website, dear coffee lovers. This site is created for people who absolutely love the magic coffee drink, the variety of its tastes, and the cheerfulness it brings.

My name is Stanley. I own a small coffee shop in Atlanta. Every day I see visitors who come to my place to have a cup of delicious coffee. When I talk to my customers, I often realize that many of them have misconceptions about coffee brewing techniques and the ways they use home coffee machines and coffee makers. This is what made me create this blog.

I will write simply as a person who enjoys drinking properly prepared coffee. Coffee is everywhere around me – I consider it both as a drink, as a subject of study, and as a fact of life. In this blog, I will tell you about different coffee blends and various ways of making coffee. You can also read about different types of coffee machines and coffee makers, as well as about repair and cleaning techniques. I hope my blog will be useful to you!