The table below explains what to do if you can see an error code on the display of your Keurig coffee maker. In most cases, the solution will be as easy as to clean the water reservoir or needles. However, sometimes a significant problem requiring professional help may occur.

Keurig Coffee Maker Prime Error Code

1Brew Tank TCO is Open (no Heater on brew tank). Likely Causes: Draining and forgetting to refill.
Or Bad Triac.
2Preheat Tank TCO is Open (no Heater on preheat tank. Likely Causes: Draining and forgetting to refill.
Or Bad Triac.
3The Brewer must be descaled now:
When U dispense cycles in a row take longer than expected to brew, the brewer displays this error message. This error message lets the user know damage may occur if they do not descale now.
4The float switch is lower than it should be while the CWT net valve is open and the time limit is exceeded.
Likely Causes: Inlet water disconnected. Or low water pressure.
Or Inlet Valve not opening.
5The float switch is sensed higher than it should be during a brew cycle. The inlet valve might be stuck open, and the Float Switch is now preventing flooding.
Likely Causes: Leaky/Stuck Inlet Valve. Or CWT level sensor stuck high.
6The Preheat Tank thermistor reading is <37°F. The heater will not turn on until it reads above this threshold. This is to protect against damage.
Likely Causes: The brewer just stored at cold temperature.
Or bad Thermistor.
7Same as above for Brew Tank.
8Thermistor in the Preheat Tank reads >240°F Likely Causes: Problems with thermistor.
Or heater triac.
9Same as above for Brew Tank.