If water reservoir icon is flashingThe unit may need to be descaled.
The water or brew basket icon appears and flashes.The flashing unit indicates which part is not properly installed. Detach and reattach to unit.
The overflow of water may occur if the user.a) Uses more than one paper filter
b) uses too finely ground coffee,
c) uses a permanent filter with a paper filter,
d) unit is not properly cleaned,
e) carafe has been removed during brewing. If this happens, never remove the filter basket while brewing. Turn the machine off and unplug. Wait 15 minutes for the unit to cool and remove the filter basket and empty the grounds and filters
If the coffee maker is left in areas that may be subjected to freezing temperatures (such as vacation home).Before brewing make sure the unit is brought to a temperature above freezing for at least 1 hour.
When the coffee maker is used in areas of high altitudes.The water temperature will be less than normal. The temperature of the water will decrease as the altitude increases.
If "del" is shown on the displayPlease descale unit before continuing operation.