Cuisinart coffee maker troubleshooting dtc 975

The recommendations posted here guarantee a lifetime of unfailing functioning of your Cuisinart DTC 975 coffee maker.

These coffee makers keep coffee hot by automatically sealing the carafe once the brewing process is over.

Setting Time

If the timer is not set properly, press Hour and hold it (about 2 seconds) until you see “Time Set” on the screen. Press “Hour” and hold it until the right hour appears. Press “Minute” until the right minute appears. To start the clock, press “Hour” and hold it for 15 seconds.

If you think your coffee maker does not start to brew when you want it to, set the time. Press “Program” and hold it until you see ‘Prog” on the display. Press and hold “Hour” to set the preferred brewing hour. Press “Minute” to set the exact brewing time. Now that you have selected the time, press “Program” and hold it for 15 seconds until the system sets the brewing time. If you want your coffee maker to start brewing automatically at the time you have just set, press “Auto On”.

If your coffee maker shuts off shortly after starting the brewing process, it means that the reservoir is empty. The automatic shutoff function prevents damage.

When there is no carafe on the platform and the basket overflows, you have 30 seconds to replace the carafe: the brewing will pause for the time. After that, the system will begin to fill the carafe with water.

Before pouring coffee in cups, close the lid. Failure to do so will result in coffee leaking and flowing down the reservoir’s surface and burning your hands.

If you see lint in the reservoir, rinse it properly. Do not use any pieces of cloth. Spread a towel on a flat surface, place the reservoir on it upside down and leave it until all water  has trickled down and it dried.