‘LOCK BEAN HOPPER’ on LCD screenHopper not locked in place.Turn the locking knob clockwise in the direction of the LOCK arrow until it clicks.
Unable to lock bean hopperCoffee beans obstructing bean hopper locking device.Remove bean hopper. Clear coffee beans from the grinding chamber and around the upper burr. Try re-locking the bean hopper.
TILL TANK on LCD screenWater tank is empty.Press open the flip-top water tank lid. Pour the desired amount of cold, preferably filter water.
‘EMPTY COFFEE FILTER’ on LCD screenCoffee basket not in place or not correctly assembled.Check that the coffee basket lid is closed and the coffee basket is firmly seated on the two door hooks.
Swing-out door not closed properly.Close the door until it clicks shut.
Coffee basket not emptied of used grinds.Remove the coffee basket and discard used grinds. Wash the coffee basket, taking particular care to rinse the chute area. Dry thoroughly (especially the chute area). Attach to the swing-out door. Close the door until it clicks shut.